Truepoint Productions
supports a community where businesses can be financially successful while, at the same time, promote positive social and ecological balance. We provide first-rate filmmaking for companies, organizations and individuals who are working to apply this ideology to their service. Though our artistic focus is wide, we specialize in films that include travel, adventure, discovery, and environmental issues. Whether creating a promotional or educational video, a feature film or commercial, we understand the artistry and creativity needed to make an impact. We only accept projects that we personally believe in - ones that we feel are making changes that we can stand behind as individuals. In this way, we are highly dedicated to our clients because we are working for the same ultimate goals.
Founder and Director Michel Orion Scott
Michel Orion Scott Michel Orion Scott spent most of his youth exploring the thick wooded areas of central Texas where he was born and raised. After earning a degree in film from the University of Texas at Austin where he also studied modern dance, Scott worked through a diverse range of projects that included set construction and design on narrative Hollywood films to abstract experimental work and feature documentaries. Never losing his passion for nature, Scott soon began to search for ways to use his career in film to deepen his relationship with the earth.
My Father In The River, the first film to begin this journey, took him to the heart of the Bolivian rainforest where he worked with the indigenous Moseten of the region, using them as actors, extras and crewmembers in a truly collaborative effort. Since that project, Scott has been drawing inspiration from the study of wilderness survival through indigenous skills and crafts and has created promotional films for companies such as Penguin Books, The Indigenous Land Rights Fund, Sol Education Abroad, and MAPAJO, an indigenous rights and Eco-tourism Company. Most recently, Scott directed The Horse Boy, a film about one families struggle to deal with their sons autism and the incredible journey they take through Mongolia on horseback in search of healing. The Horse Boy premiered at the 2009 Sundance film festival documentary competition and is being distributed for theatrical and television release around the world. It has won multiple audience awards and has garnered rave reviews in numerous publications including The New York Times, L.A. Times, Entertainment Weekly, and Variety.