The Movie Blog - ...honestly one of the best documentaries I've seen. Hammer to Nail - …a resonant, and highly emotional, experience… - To say that this nonfiction film surpasses your average - case study of an affliction - flick would be a gross understatement, for it is both a thrillingly cinematic and rollicking adventure story, as well as an intimate journey into a family's most private and tormented moments. - …graceful, fluid, and transcendent, both in its storytelling and in its cinematic language. Variety  - ...this compelling docu[mentary] presents its story via multiple access points: the subject of autism, the notion of alternative healing and the simple travelogue appeal of an excursion to remote, untamed Mongolia. Pic[ture] has the nerve to be spiritual without entering the minefield of faith, and through careful handling, could resonate strongly with underserved aud[ience]s. LA Times - …strikingly shot by [Michel] Scott. New York Times - Resolutely unvarnished and astonishingly intimate. Hollywood insider - ...a lyrical, heartbreaking, and deeply stirring meditation on the mystery of autism.